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Thank you for visiting this site and learning more about our campaign for Assessor / Recorder / County Clerk. You may not realize it, but this office with the unwieldy name touches the lives of every person in San Diego County.

I'm Matt Strabone, and I'm running for Assessor / Recorder / County Clerk because all San Diegans deserve to be treated fairly. Fairness is important to me—like so many of us, I came from humble origins and worked hard to build a better life. We all just want an honest chance to do our best for ourselves and our families, and so ensuring you get a fair shake is my promise to you.

My campaign stands for these commonsense principles:

  • Bigotry and corruption should have no place in this office and we must demand better. We will ensure that the office serves all the people of our county equally and with an open heart.
  • Property tax assessments are too important to be left to chance, and we will implement systems to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.
  • Your public records and documents are yours, and we will make it easier and less expensive for you to obtain copies of them.
  • The office should be accessible to everyone, and we will upgrade its capabilities to provide a best-in-class user-friendly experience.
  • Serving the people of San Diego County should be the office's primary concern, and we will vigorously pursue excellence in customer service, always.

This is a campaign of new ideas and new energy, and with your help we will make the Assessor / Recorder / County Clerk's office work for all of us.

Mark your calendars: Election Day is June 5.

Thank you.

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In the News: July 20, 2017

July 20, 2017: Times of San Diego: San Diego Democratic Party Endorses Sheriff, DA, Assessor Candidates. The next primary election is a year away, but the San Diego County Democratic Party is already beginning to release endorsements. Endorsements made Tuesday were Matt Strabone for Assessor / Recorder / County Clerk... “I am delighted to have earned the endorsement of the San Diego County Democratic Party,” said Strabone. “Following our campaign’s recent fundraising record, this is yet another example of the momentum we are building all across San Diego County.”
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In the News: July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017: Times of San Diego: Candidate for County Assessor in 2018 claims fundraising record. With nearly $50,000 raised from individual contributions, Strabone said he has raised more money by this point in the campaign than any candidate for the office in the history of the county. "Our anti-corruption message of transparency and accountability is resonating all across San Diego County and I am more determined than ever to make county government work for all of us."
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