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I'm Matt Strabone, and I'm running for County Assessor / Recorder / Clerk to ensure that all San Diegans are treated fairly. Our campaign stands for these commonsense principles:

  • Pay less property tax. Nearly 150,000 homeowners in San Diego County aren't getting all the property tax exemptions they deserve. Are you one of them? We'll fix that, and we'll work with you to find other tax savings you might have missed. Here's how.
  • Eliminating corruption. I will never use the power of the office to enrich myself, misuse taxpayer money, or play favorites. We must demand better.
  • Ending bigotry. We will always serve all the people of our county, no matter who they are or who they love, equally and with an open heart.
  • Public records belong to you, the public, and we will make it easier and less expensive for you to obtain copies of them.

This is a campaign of new ideas and new energy, and with your help we will upgrade the County Assessor / Recorder / Clerk's office and make it work for all of us.

Please vote Matt Strabone for Assessor / Recorder / County Clerk on June 5, 2018.

Thank you.

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Latest news

In the News: May 9, 2018 (Part Two)

May 9, 2018: Voice of San Diego: Thousands of San Diegans Are Overpaying Their Property Taxes (op-ed). I want to give 150,000 more homeowners in San Diego County a property tax break. That’s one reason why I’m running for San Diego County assessor-recorder-clerk. Right now, around 150,000 homeowners aren’t getting all of the exemptions they deserve and are actually overpaying their property taxes. These folks are missing out on the Homeowner’s Exemption, which provides a $7,000 reduction on the taxable value of your home simply by filling out a one-page form and sending it to the county assessor. I’m going to fix this problem through better outreach. One thing I’ll do is hold public workshops in every community across the county once I’m elected to make sure that you get this exemption and any other tax breaks you deserve. We deserve a government that works for us, that’s transparent and accountable, that provides excellent service and that saves San Diegans money.
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In the News: May 9, 2018

May 9, 2018: San Diego CityBeat: CityWeek: A visit from Sessions, Prop. 68 and accessing Assessor Dronenburg. HAM OF THE WEEK. Wouldn’t it be great if every time we did something unethical, we could just tell the local media something like whoops, my bad? That seems to be the continuing logic of County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk (and Carl Fredricksen look-alike) Ernest Dronenburg, who seems to be basically counting on voter ignorance or disinterest in his primary race despite the fact that since he’s been in office he’s a.) attempted to block gay marriages back in 2013; b.) spent $90,000 of taxpayer dollars on sometimes dubious trips; c.) bought stock in a real estate developer a few months after being sworn in as the person in charge of setting property taxes, and, most recently; d.) failed to disclose a $5,000 contribution from the GOP (the office is technically non-partisan).
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